Where to Find the Flamingos in Aruba

Four summers ago I visited the country of Aruba on a whim. Today, I am seeing that many bloggers have been flying to Aruba and are staying at the same resort I stayed at.
What do I see in common in all their photos besides the resort is the same?

They have discovered the secret place in Aruba where flamingos walk the beach!

Renaissance Island

You won’t arrive in Aruba and magically see flamingos on the beach. To find them, one needs to head to Renaissance Island.

Renaissance Island is a private island owned by Renaissance Aruba Resort. When I booked my last minute trip in August 2013, I found the resort on Booking.com for 50% off. At that time, I paid $450 for 3 nights.

I thought the resort was beautiful. It is right in the capital city of Oranjestad across from the marina. The rooms were nice with a living room area and big balconies. The lobby was big and a great amenity was the outdoor pool.

How to get to the Private Island

Since the resort owns the private island, it also owns the means of getting there.

Inside the lobby is a waterway that connects to the ocean. You will find the boat to Renaissance Island inside the lobby.

Access to the island for guests of the hotel is FREE. japan visa photo requirements

For those staying elsewhere, you can purchase a day pass for $100 per person. This is purchased at the front desk at the Renaissance Aruba Resort.

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The Island

There are two beaches at the private island.

Flamingo Beach is the adults-only section where the flamingos are.

Iguana Beach is open to everyone including children, but the flamingos do not head over there often.

There are bars and restaurants on the island for an additional price.

The snorkeling is great at both beaches and I found many conches at the bottom of the sea, fish, and crabs.

The Flamingos

This private island is their home. They did not grow up here, but rather, they were transported.

I did not know at the time (in 2013) but I had learned now that their wings are clipped. A spark of the controversy of visiting the island has arisen in some Facebook posts I have seen regarding the cruelty of this action. To each their own opinion on this, but I wanted to include this important detail if you are considering visiting the flamingos.
Side note – There is a donkey sanctuary on Aruba’s mainland if you want to help animals!

They are friendly and walk among the visitors freely. They never bothered me and they move fast! The beautiful creatures they are, I wish I could see more of them out there in the world.

Have you seen the flamingos?